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 (nā′tə-tôr′ē-əm, năt′ə-)
An indoor swimming pool.

[Late Latin natātōrium, place for swimming, from neuter of Latin natātōrius, of swimming, from natātus, act of swimming, from past participle of natāre, frequentative of nāre, to swim; see natatorial.]
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n, pl -riums or -ria (-rɪə)
(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) rare a swimming pool, esp an indoor pool
[C20: from Late Latin: swimming place, pool]
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(ˌneɪ təˈtɔr i əm, -ˈtoʊr-, ˌnæt ə-)

n., pl. -to•ri•ums, -to•ri•a (-ˈtɔr i ə, -ˈtoʊr-)
a swimming pool, esp. one that is indoors.
[1885–90; < Late Latin natātōrium swimming place, derivative of Latin natā(re) to swim]
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a swimming pool, particularly an indoor facility.
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Noun1.natatorium - pool that provides a facility for swimmingnatatorium - pool that provides a facility for swimming; "`swimming bath' is a British term"
athletic facility - a facility for athletic events
lido - a recreational facility including a swimming pool for water sports
pool - an excavation that is (usually) filled with water
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[ˌneɪtəˈtɔːrɪəm] N (natatoria (pl)) [ˌneɪtəˈtɔːrɪə] (US) → piscina f
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In its centre was a long tank of water, set below the level of the floor like the swimming pool of a natatorium. Near one side of the pool floated an odd-looking black object.
It also earned silver awards -- which are below the higher gold and platinum levels -- for its new construction natatoriums at Prospect and Buffalo Grove high schools.
Standard 62.12016 prescribes an amount of outdoor air that, per the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook--HVAC Applications section on natatoriums, (2) is intended to provide acceptable air quality for an average pool using chlorine as the primary disinfectant (see Table 1).
Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, PoolPak is a manufacturer of dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools and hotel/motel leisure pools.
I know of examples such as natatoriums being built with Myrtha pool systems (stainless steel pools from Italy).
Though Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects has done work on other outdoor/indoor recreational facilities such as two natatoriums, competitive swimming pools in upstate New York and Michigan, this is the first time they have tried to work on ice rinks.
* Wellness programs span the gamut from local gym membership discounts to on-site natatoriums, and company-sponsored walk-a-thons to on-site massages.
The Beijing Sports Bureau reports that by the 2008 Olympics, each of the city's 18 districts will add at least one or two more natatoriums. CSA hopes that by 2008, the number of pools in the country will have doubled.
Although SHW Sports works predominantly in Texas, it has renovated and built facilities in Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan--the latter a hotbed for more indoor facilities such as natatoriums.