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 (nāth′lĭs) also nath·less (năth′-)
adv. Archaic
Nevertheless; notwithstanding.

[Middle English, from Old English nā thē lǣs, not less by that : , no; see no1 + thȳ, thē : instrumental case of se, this, that; see to- in Indo-European roots + lǣs, less; see less.]
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(ˈneɪθlɪs) or


sentence connector
another word for nonetheless
notwithstanding; despite
[Old English nāthylǣs, from never + thӯ for that + lǣs less]
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(ˈneɪθ lɪs, ˈnæθ-)

also nath•less


adv. Archaic.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English nāthēlǣs= not (see no1) + thē, variant of thȳ instrumental singular definite article (see the2) + lǣs less]
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References in classic literature ?
Natheless the chiefs drove a handsome trade in thus disposing of their surplus live meat.
Natheless, God send you good success, and to that end will we pray."
And if he doth not return, this Wilfred may natheless repay us our charges when he shall gain treasure by the strength of his spear and of his sword, even as he did yesterday and this day also.
But natheless, it can only be used to describe the attraction between objects, and not the repulsion caused by light and heat radiation of celestial objects, therefore it cannot be used to solve the issues of mutual repulsion and departure between celestial objects.
Natheless, this London Ghetto of ours is a region where, amid uncleanness and squalor, the rose of romance blows yet a little longer in the raw air of English reality; a world which hides beneath its stony and unlovely surface an inner world of dreams, fantastic and poetic as the mirage of the Orient where they were woven, of superstitions grotesque as the cathedral gargoyles of the Dark Ages in which they had birth.
But natheless yet hadde he greet pitee That thilke nyght offenden hire moste he, And thoughte, "Allas!