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Natica Harris was found Monday, but that doesn't mean ( questions about her temporary disappearance were answered.
(2004), found Nudibranquia eggs, Aplysia sp., Sinum cymba, Chione sp., Natica sp., Nassarius grayi, Mactra sp., Semimytilus algosus and other mytilids in 10 of 11 stomach contents analyzed.
Sowerby 1,1825) Littorinimorpha Natica didyma (Roding, 1798) Order Scientific Name Littorinimorpha Natica rufa (Born, 1778) Littorinimorpha Tibia curta (G.
Sowerby I,1825) Natica didyma (Roding, 1798) Natica rufa (Born, 1778) Tibia curta (G.
Snails like the scavenger Nassarius luteostoma and the predator Natica unifasciata crawl on the sediment surface year around, while the sand dollar Encope stokessi is more frequent during the dry seasons.
From gastropod examples: Trochus, Clanculus, Planaxis, Natica, Conus, Thais and Siphonaria.
Northern (sub-tropical) fauna comprised about 20% of total recorded species diversity at Shelly Beach and included Scaeochlamys livida, Vepricardium multispinosum, the seven cowries, Natica gualtieriana, Cronia aurantiaca and Hydatina physis.