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[ˈneɪʃnˌwaɪd] adj & advsu scala nazionale


(ˈneiʃən) noun
1. a group of people living in a particular country, forming a single political and economic unit.
2. a large number of people who share the same history, ancestors, culture etc (whether or not they all live in the same country). the Jewish nation.
national (ˈnӕʃənəl) adjective
of or belonging to a particular nation. national government; national pride.
ˈnationally adverb
ˈnationalism (ˈnӕ-) noun
1. a sense of pride in the history, culture, achievements etc of one's nation.
2. the desire to bring the people of one's nation together under their own government.
ˈnationalist (ˈnӕ-) noun
ˌnationaˈlistic adjective
nationality (nӕʃəˈnӕləti) plural natioˈnalities noun
(the state of belonging to) a particular nation. `What nationality are you?' `I'm German'; You can see (people of) many nationalities in London.
ˈnationalize, ˈnationalise (ˈnӕ-) verb
to make (especially an industry) the property of the nation as a whole rather than the property of an individual.
ˌnationaliˈzation, ˌnationaliˈsation noun
national anthem
a nation's official song or hymn.
national service
in some countries, a period of compulsory service in the armed forces.
ˌnation-ˈwide adjective, adverb
(happening etc) throughout the whole nation. a nation-wide broadcast; They travelled nation-wide.
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and Portland-based start-up Community Scene announce a strategic partnership to embed Rejjee's nation-wide property loss reporting system into Community Scene's nation-wide community sites.
The nation-wide protests initially focused on higher public transport fares in Sao Paulo but quickly spread like wildfire nationwide and mushroomed into anger over the high cost of staging the 2014 World Cup, rampant corruption and inadequate funding for health and education.
A nation-wide drive to raise awareness about illegal immigration has been launched in the UAE.
More than 200 people representing the People's Academy, Nation-Wide Kurultay (Assembly) and Council of Aksakals (male elders) rally outside the Parliament building in Bishkek demanded to change the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan.
KARACHI, March 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): The State Bank of Pakistan has allowed NRSP Micro finance Bank to commence business as a nation-wide micro finance bank.
Summary: Milan, June 05, 2010, SPA -- The association representing Italian magistrates and state prosecutors announced Saturday a series of protests culminating in a July 1 nation-wide strike against proposed pay cuts, dpa reported.
After the meeting Uma Bharti said she would launch a nation-wide awareness campaign for her release, currently undergoing traditional treatment.
But more than that, the regime encouraged local worthies to get together with their counterparts from other towns and locales, to meet in nation-wide congresses for the greater glory of learning and of France itself.
The circuit court noted that the destroyer of the records that Nation-Wide needed for its case--namely, the counsel for Forest Hill Distributors--had been given previous notice.
Some forty years later Dobbs was the national secretory of the Socialist Workers Party and wrote down an account of his experiences working in the coal yards and becoming involved in unionist movement organizing the drive to establish Teamsters Local 574 and the rise of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) as an effective nation-wide instrument to better working conditions for men and women like himself.
0 introduces nation-wide enterprise standardization to the industry for the first time.
The report, Health Human Resource Planning in Canada, stresses that once a nation-wide agency is created key shifts in thinking will also be required to address effectively the health care system's human resources requirements.

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