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Adj.1.national socialist - relating to a form of socialism; "the national socialist party came to power in Germany in 1933"
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 17 (ANI): The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday arrested Yangte Josaham, a self-styled Lieutenant of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM), in connection with the murder of a lawmaker Tirong Aboh and ten others.
The Sagaing based National Socialist Council of Nagaland - Khaplang (NSCN-K) now led by Yung Aung has appealed to the National League for Democracy (NLD)-led government to follow the policies of Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) government and stop military operations against it, The Nagaland Post reported.
A Ceasefire is in operation between Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Neopao Konyak/Kitovi) (NSCN/NK) and National Socialist Council of Nagaland/Reformation (NSCN/R).
Corporate records show James Stern of Moreno Valley, California, is now president of the National Socialist Movement.
History indicates that the National Socialist Party came to power in Germany in 1932.
Carl Schmitt, a renowned jurist in Nazi (i.e., National Socialist) Germany, stated the most fundamental principle clearly and concisely:
1588: The Spanish Armada is defeated by the English fleet at the Battle of Gravelines 1836: Arc de Triomphe in Paris is inaugurated 1907: Sir Robert Baden-Powell forms the Boy Scouts in England 1921: Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party 1948: King George VI opens the 14th modern Olympic Games in London 1954: Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume of Lord of the Rings, by J.
This study explores how National Socialist exhibitions in Nazi Germany served as sites of formal experimentation and collaboration for the designers, artists, and architects of such exhibits, such as Otto Andreas Schreiber and Egon Eiermann.
In September 2017, Scottish Dawn and National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action were also proscribed as aliases of National Action.
Hundreds of police officers were deployed in Newnan, Georgia -- around 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Atlanta -- ahead of the event organized by the National Socialist Movement, one of the US's largest neo-Nazi groups.
The Schweringen church pastor, Axel Hellwege, found last Thursday the swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist party, was removed from the bell.
The focus of the second main chapter is the role of German urologists in the National Socialist health policy, especially concerning the research about supposed hereditary diseases and the sterilization policy.

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