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Adj.1.national socialist - relating to a form of socialism; "the national socialist party came to power in Germany in 1933"
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The central theme of this issue (Volume 9) is the more general question of German-Jewish relations between the period of Emancipation and the deprivation of legal rights during the National Socialist period.
When Roehm was publicly exposed by a male prostitute as a homosexual, Hitler stated that "his private life cannot be an object of scrutiny unless it conflicts with the basic principles of National Socialist ideology.
Jairampur (Arunachal Pradesh), July 13 ( ANI ): Six militants belonging to National Socialist Council of Nagalim Khaplang faction, anti talk faction of ULFA and National Democratic Front of Bodoland surrendered before the security forces here recently.
He discusses the purges of German teaching staff, the actions of the National Socialist Teachers' League (NSLB) and the postwar Union of Teachers and Educators, and policies such as the 1933 Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service and the "reeducating" of teachers in NSLB training camps, showing how these teachers were the same men and women who educated students during the Third Reich and using this case to show how ordinary citizens experienced the two dictatorships.
The national socialist analyst wrote that the NHS would be 'a consistent system of remarkable simplicity'.
Subsequent chapters are devoted respectively to the genres of the national socialist novel, drama, and poetry.
Mussolini was a socialist before he created fascism, the official name of the Nazis was the National Socialist German Workers' Party while the BNP and French National Front call for the introduction protectionist economic policies, high tariffs on imports and the nationalisation of private businesses.
The National Socialist Movement, a Minneapolis-based hate group known for its Nazi uniforms and open display of explicit Nazi symbols, has outpaced its rivals on the far right in both membership and activity, earning it the dubious distinction of being the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States today, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
After all, FDR had personally urged Dies to take the HCUA post in order to investigate the activities of suspected agents of National Socialist (Nazi) Germany.
JI: In my paintings, symbols associated with National Socialist Germany function as kinds of cliches insofar as they stand for universal evils.
The national Socialist Worker student society is calling on universities across the country to boycott Israeli goods and services because of the Middle East crisis, and the motion was set to be discussed at the Warwick campus students' union last night.
Thus, to give just a few examples, he compares the National Socialist architecture and policy on monuments with the one pursued by the Italian fascists (129 ff.

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