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Noun1.nationalisation - the action of forming or becoming a nation
group action - action taken by a group of people
2.nationalisation - the action of rendering national in character
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
3.nationalisation - changing something from private to state ownership or control
social control - control exerted (actively or passively) by group action


(ˈneiʃən) noun
1. a group of people living in a particular country, forming a single political and economic unit.
2. a large number of people who share the same history, ancestors, culture etc (whether or not they all live in the same country). the Jewish nation.
national (ˈnӕʃənəl) adjective
of or belonging to a particular nation. national government; national pride.
ˈnationally adverb
ˈnationalism (ˈnӕ-) noun
1. a sense of pride in the history, culture, achievements etc of one's nation.
2. the desire to bring the people of one's nation together under their own government.
ˈnationalist (ˈnӕ-) noun
ˌnationaˈlistic adjective
nationality (nӕʃəˈnӕləti) plural natioˈnalities noun
(the state of belonging to) a particular nation. `What nationality are you?' `I'm German'; You can see (people of) many nationalities in London.
ˈnationalize, ˈnationalise (ˈnӕ-) verb
to make (especially an industry) the property of the nation as a whole rather than the property of an individual.
ˌnationaliˈzation, ˌnationaliˈsation noun
national anthem
a nation's official song or hymn.
national service
in some countries, a period of compulsory service in the armed forces.
ˌnation-ˈwide adjective, adverb
(happening etc) throughout the whole nation. a nation-wide broadcast; They travelled nation-wide.
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But seriously, you can't imagine how irritated he is by the attacks on his Bill for the Nationalisation of Fisheries.
DENNIS Lane is right that nationalisation could work (Feedback, 11.
It was neither socialism, nationalisation or the unions that brought this country's economy to its knees, it was rampant Conservative sponsored capitalism with its blind faith in the free market leading to run away property prices, fuelling an illusory economic boom based on nothing more tenuous than the price of a house, deluding owners into believing they were becoming wealthier and that it was all down to the Conservatives.
He threatens BP with nationalisation saying that, in an independent Scotland, BP will need to learn the meaning of nationalisation - in part or in whole.
Nationalisation is the way forward - only the Coalition doesn't see it.
The kingdom has been executing a nationalisation plan to motivate private companies to employ Saudis.
Global Banking News-July 14, 2014--Indian bank employees to protest nationalisation
Mr Abdulla will initially be responsible for a suite of operational departments within the Corporate Services Division including Facilities Management, Corporate Communications, and the Regulatory Authority's nationalisation programme.
Hughes, who is the manager of college programmes at the ESI, will deliver a technical presentation highlighting the benefits of reducing Oman's reliance on expatriate labour, by targeting project management in key industry sectors where nationalisation index is at its lowest.
com, which recently conducted a survey to probe the main challenges being faced by governments in their nationalisation efforts.
But there continues to be uncertaintyas to what nationalisation is about.
President Atambaev told the BBC that if no agreement could be reached, nationalisation would be considered to calm down public agitation over the issue.

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