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"It is found along the west coast and on the inner isles and is a unique habitat of ancient native oak, birch, ash, pine and hazel woodlands, including glades and river gorges.
On Saturday, participants will plant native oak trees and hazel shrubs as part of the restoration efforts at the new Alden Gap site.
Later in the year, the council is also planning to carry out work to restore native oak trees to the Outwoods.
In a nutshell, Hungary's geography and climate differ significantly from that of France, and Hungary's native oak species differ completely from those of North America.
"We currently have a variety of mast-bearing trees that drop earlier and later than native oak species.
"That didn't work," he laughs, adding that, with the help of a local joiner, he spent the next few months putting together the Grizzly Adams equivalent of Dylan Thomas' seaside writing shed - an organic shack built from native oak and replete with ash writing desk and panelling, hooks and rails of coppiced hazel and a roof of corrugated tin.
Midleton Dair Ghaelach, meaning 'Irish oak', is the result of a six-year exploration by the Midleton Masters into using native oak to mature Irish whiskey.
Crinan's moist, mild climate it is often described as a remnant of Scotland's own rainforest and the native oak wood is home to a variety of ferns and lichens plus 24 species of birds including buzzard, tree creeper, redstart and wood warbler.
The competition crowds out native oak trees, wildflowers and prairie grasses.
DZG has taken delivery of 25 native oak saplings after Stourbridge man Roger Panter read about us planting 600 trees aross the site to mark our 76th anniversary.
Yorkshire Water hopes to restore the 13-hectare site by planting 12,000 native oak, hazel, rowan, alder and holly.
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