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1. A sociopolitical policy, especially in the United States in the 1800s, favoring the interests of established inhabitants over those of immigrants.
2. The reestablishment or perpetuation of native cultural traits, especially in opposition to acculturation.
3. Philosophy The doctrine that the mind produces ideas that are not derived from external sources.

na′tiv·ist n.
na′tiv·is′tic adj.
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Noun1.nativist - a philosopher who subscribes to nativism
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
Adj.1.nativist - advocating the perpetuation of native societies; "the old nativist prejudice against the foreign businessman"; "the nativistic faith preaches the old values"- C.K.Kluckhohn
2.nativist - of or relating to or advocating nativism; "nativist theories"; "the traditional controversy between the nativistic and empiristic theories"
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Lewis Charles Levin: The Original Nativist Troll" at...
When the minorities, particularly Muslim minorities in continental Europe, were deemed insignificant and politically powerless, the resistance to their immigration, in the form of anti-immigration, nativist parties, was limited.
Chapters are: waiting for the flying fish to leap; good older brother, bad younger brother; being a brat; the early modern co-emergence of individuality and collective identity; rebirth of a Hirata school nativist; new cultures, new identities; searching for erotic emotionality in Tokugawa Japan; laughter connects the sacred and the sexual; the unconventional origins of modern Japan; flowery tales; from relational identity to specific identity; epilogue: reimagining early modern Japan.
In areas of Cochise County, nativist ranchers are influenced by anti-immigrant federal policy and react violently to migrants passing over their property on the way to opportunities that might allow the migrants to sustain themselves and their families.
Discursive legerdemain accommodated further contradictions that threatened to disrupt the nativist and masculinist freighting of this incremental tale of island greatness: a Frenchman, de Montfort, was unproblematically recruited as a champion of Anglo-Saxon democracy; a woman, Elizabeth, was firmly identified with the founding of Empire and the nation's mastery of the seas--feats achieved, however, by great men who prevailed over her typically female caprices.
IF NOTHING ELSE, 1999 has finally disproved nativist Protestant fears that Catholics cannot give primary loyalty to the United States government because their first loyalty is to the pope.
His fellow conservatives now control immigration policy and his arguments could push a fair number of them into the nativist camp.
This made for an easy appeal to nativist sentiment - no number of Arabs is worth a single American life - and also postponed any serious thinking about the rights of small nations to self-defense versus the God-given right of the United States to intervene wherever it damn well pleases.
On Tuesday, Hier spoke with Ha'aretz to explain his "no-brainer" decision to support Trumpa man whose campaign gained steam via its nativist, xenophobic, and sexist rhetoric, prompting hundreds of thousands of people, including Jewish congressmen, to commit to protesting Friday.
The founders of the field, many of whom were second and third generation Asian Americans, initially sought to assert the Americanness of their subjects in order to counter the tendency of nativist movements and even academic institutions to view Asians in the United States as representatives of their Asian ancestral lands.