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adj. nat·ti·er, nat·ti·est
Neat, trim, and smart; dapper.

[Perhaps variant of obsolete netty, from net, elegant, from Middle English, from Old French; see neat1.]

nat′ti·ly adv.
nat′ti·ness n.
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Adv.1.nattily - in a natty manner; with smartness; "it was arranged carefully and nattily"
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The guys were a revelation, nattily turned out in jackets and long-sleeved shirts, with or without neckties, their smiles as polished as their shoes.
Chicago Tribune captured Mouths of Babe's stage presence perfectly: "The laidback Tylan, nattily dressed in a tie and crisp suit jacket, has a rich, lovely alto.
Quite nattily, he ends the song with the line: " Gaana khatm, ab ball daal .
It is a stylish, savage world of nattily dressed men in fedoras and armed with sub-machine guns.
PICTURE BY JURE KRAVANJA SWISS ROLL The Segantini Hut's restroom, near St Moritz, offers a view of the Alps from 8,960ft and is nattily decorated with the national flag.
The rather large, but nattily dressed, gent by Tom's side appeared to have a jackknife tucked underneath his tweed jacket as they left the Groucho Club in London.
The hipster quotient was high May 30, when the Hotel Covell officially unveiled its rooftop patio in a nattily attired mixer that included the actors Michael Ealyand Jennie Garth.
He even dumped the nattily tailored suits for which he was known and campaigned in open-necked shirts with the shirttails hanging out--the uniform of the street toughs who like to beat up Reformists in the streets.
And there, presiding over it all with aplomb, was our hostess, nattily clad in a pair of floppy bunny ears.
He was dressed nattily in a traditional white Kerala mundu and a silk kurta; a silk angavastram (stole) draped across his shoulders completed the sartorially splendid picture.
99 at Sainsbury) This nattily blended white adds Sauvignon Blanc to the textured orange and red apple flavours of one of the region's signature grapes - Colombard.
And of course carrying your own re-usable shopping bag, or a nattily handcrafted one, is eco-friendly and can be the envy of all