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adj. nat·ti·er, nat·ti·est
Neat, trim, and smart; dapper.

[Perhaps variant of obsolete netty, from net, elegant, from Middle English, from Old French; see neat1.]

nat′ti·ly adv.
nat′ti·ness n.
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Adv.1.nattily - in a natty manner; with smartness; "it was arranged carefully and nattily"
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Up in the private Turf Club, Duchossois nattily attired in a blue suit, red tie, crisp white shirt and red pocket square greeted guests who arrived for a buffet luncheon, cocktails and late-afternoon snacks.
The Puppet Gala brought a miscellany of madness expertly compered by Nat Lunatrick who lived up to his Facebook description of himself as "oddbod extraordinaire" (he dresses nattily, juggles hats and has a nice line in dry humour).
I was in some nattily named groups when at Moseley Grammar School in the early Sixties - Rocking Ronnie and the Renegades, Troy Satan and the Hellcats and Tav Memphis and the Senators!
'Is this the VIP stand?' inquired an incredulous nattily dressed couple.
The guys were a revelation, nattily turned out in jackets and long-sleeved shirts, with or without neckties, their smiles as polished as their shoes.
The action takes place in a preposterous world where the only important location in London is the opulent Kingsman clothing store that discerning gentlemen visit to be nattily attired.
He was always nattily attired and in spite of a prosperous paunch, clothes hung well on him.
"I was in charge of New Man jeans," said Blahnik, nattily attired in a bespoke vanilla linen suit, sky blue and white striped knit tie, and saddle shoes."They had jeans in the most beautiful acid green denim.
Chicago Tribune captured Mouths of Babe's stage presence perfectly: "The laidback Tylan, nattily dressed in a tie and crisp suit jacket, has a rich, lovely alto.
Quite nattily, he ends the song with the line: " Gaana khatm, ab ball daal ." Sachin fans with Sonu The number is tiltled ' Cricketwali beat'
It is a stylish, savage world of nattily dressed men in fedoras and armed with sub-machine guns.