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A Japanese food that is made from steamed, fermented soybeans and that has a stringy, mucilaginous texture and a strong smell.

[Japanese nattō : Japanese na(t)- (probably as in nassho, temple storehouse, where natto was kept), variant form of , to bring in, put away, offer, accept (from earlier napu, from Early Middle Chinese nap, to offer; also the source of Mandarin ) + Japanese , bean (from Middle Chinese tɦəw`; also the source of Mandarin dòu); see tofu.]
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For 100 grams of natto, there is about 150 miligrams of zymoprotein.
Aficionados say the natto should be whipped up first and then the soy sauce should be added.
Fermented food like kimchi, tempeh and natto are all the rage these days.
The scientists processed a high-protein food-grade cultivar, Prosoy: into soymilk, which was heated before and after filtration; into tofu, which was filled and pressed; in sprouts, which were raw and cooked for up to seven days; into tempeh, which was stored for up to six days at 4 C; into natto, also stored for up to six days at 4 C; and into soy yogurt, which was stored for up to eight days at 4 C.
organic unprocessed soy products such a natto, miso, tempeh are ok to eat, its the processed unfermented soy products to stay away from, these are soy milk, soy cheeses, soy chaps etc.
Dietary soy and natto intake and cardiovascular disease mortality in Japanese adults: the Takayama study.
Natto is a fermented soybean dish, fermented with Bacillus subtilis bacteria versus the mold that produces miso and shoyu.
In our study more extraction was observed in males as compared to females which corresponds with study conducted by Thomas and Eyad Al-Maqdassy8 but contradict with the study conducted by Natto et al9 and Shinawi et al.
In this sense, the aim of this study was to evaluate the production of nystose by Bacillus subtilis natto CCT 7712 using low-cost substrates such as commercial sucrose, sugarcane molasses and sugarcane juice.
The store stocks a Belgian baby range, called Natto, and her fluffy animals are not just for kids.
Contract awarded for Meju highly functional, natto, soybean processing facilities, building construction
Aisha Natto, a member of Ebsar Foundation, said a number of famous artists showed their interest in presenting their works for the exhibition.