natural ability

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Noun1.natural ability - ability that is inherited
aptitude - inherent ability
endowment, natural endowment, talent, gift - natural abilities or qualities
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(pronounced either Cowper or Cooper), whose much longer life (1731-1800) and far larger literary production give him a more important actual place than can be claimed for Chatterton, though his natural ability was far less and his significance to-day is chiefly historical.
"His leadership qualities, honesty, positive and aggressive style, combined with his natural ability to bring the best out of the teams he has been part of makes him ideally suited to lead KKR and TKR (Trinbago Knight Riders) as a head coach."
But he remembered that his natural ability would only take him so far.
"He is a brilliant young man, multilingual and has experienced things that most people have not at his age," notes 76ers team president Christopher Heck, "He has a natural ability to engage with people not only on Twitter, but face to face as well."
One is Lindsay Hoyle, a deputy speaker, who has demonstrated his firmness and natural ability for the job when he has taken charge, particularly on Budget Day.
Her natural ability to build relationships through demonstrating the positive work of nonprofits has credited her raise $5 million for Interfaith Works, $6 million for Food & Friends, and $17 million for Community Foundation in Montgomery County.
"It gives the body the natural ability to perform at higher levels, it's a very ancient technique.
Keith Chegwin was adored by children and adults alike for his natural ability to put a smile on everyone's faces even if it made him look foolish.
The question is how do we foster the above-mentioned breadth of skills, and keep alive the natural ability of children to learn throughout a lifetime - instead of eroding it when they enter formal schooling?
Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen, president and CEO at Novo Nordisk, said, 'During her more than 20 years in Novo Nordisk, Camilla has consistently delivered strong business results, fostered strong relations with stakeholders and demonstrated a natural ability to rally her organisations around key priorities.
Sometimes it seems like he's in a world of his own, but's natural ability to connect with young people has been a hit with his fellow coaches on The Voice Kids.
I was able to unit of using my natural ability fancy laser "We're going to have eSports competitions.