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Noun1.natural enclosure - a naturally enclosed space
cavern - any large dark enclosed space; "his eyes were dark caverns"
matrix - an enclosure within which something originates or develops (from the Latin for womb)
space - an empty area (usually bounded in some way between things); "the architect left space in front of the building"; "they stopped at an open space in the jungle"; "the space between his teeth"
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Set out for Buenos Ayres -- Rio Sauce -- Sierra Ventana -- Third Posta -- Driving Horses -- Bolas -- Partridges and Foxes -- Features of the Country -- Long-legged Plover -- Teru-tero -- Hail-storm -- Natural Enclosures in the Sierra Tapalguen -- Flesh of Puma -- Meat Diet -- Guardia del Monte -- Effects of Cattle on the Vegetation -- Cardoon -- Buenos Ayres -- Corral where Cattle are Slaughtered.
I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I am that the 33 abused lions will be transferred to a natural enclosure at a sanctuary in South Africa.
Because the crater is a natural enclosure and very few migrating male lion enter the crater from the outside, the lion population is significantly inbred.
Pierre worked out a good solution to the shower problem by using a natural enclosure created by the airing cupboard wall.
The Himalayan Zoological Park (HZP), Gangtok in collaboration with the State Forest Department has initiated a programme for the conservation and breeding of Red Panda at a natural enclosure in the park.
The layout responds to the existing ring of trees which form a natural enclosure to the site.
The two men dug deep into their own pockets to build a natural enclosure guarded by solar-powered electric fencing where the animal could roam freely and find wild foods to supplement a balanced diet prepared daily by a full-time caretaker.
But next month, in one of the biggest operations of its kind, they will be airlifted by Boeing 747 to a natural enclosure at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.