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Noun1.natural fiber - fiber derived from plants or animals
pandanus - fiber from leaves of the pandanus tree; used for woven articles (such as mats)
New Zealand cotton - a fiber from the bast of New Zealand ribbon trees that resembles cotton fiber
bowstring hemp - strong fiber that resembles hemp; obtained from sansevieria and used for e.g. cordage
bast, bast fiber - strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
animal fiber, animal fibre - fiber derived from animals
plant fiber, plant fibre - fiber derived from plants
staple fiber, staple fibre, staple - a natural fiber (raw cotton, wool, hemp, flax) that can be twisted to form yarn; "staple fibers vary widely in length"
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 8, 2019-: Global Natural Fiber Composites Market Research Report 2019, Forecast to 2025
Furthermore, Costales added that the higher buying prices, which abaca farmers have felt since last year, continue to encourage planters to cultivate and harvest more natural fiber.
It takes a long time to convince people to use a new class of materials, such as natural fiber reinforced composites for non-structural and structural applications."
These high-quality, natural fiber shoes will be available at a very wallet-friendly price of Rs.
One of the most popular and fascinating natural fibers is our very own abaca - considered the strongest natural fiber.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 4, 2018-VF Closes Acquisition of Icebreaker to Strengthen Brand Portfolio of Natural Fiber Apparel
As a leading provider of natural fiber solutions, Eco Technilin is currently able to produce over 10,000 tons of nonwoven mats per year.
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This paper has investigated the suitability of oil palm trunk (OPT) natural fiber as sound absorbing material in different thickness of 8 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm with an average density of 200 kg/m3.
For example the following figures show the natural fiber reinforced composites used in various kinds of applications is shown in the following Figure-1.
Simple, stylish and sustainable, natural fiber rugs are a win for consumers.