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Noun1.natural fibre - fiber derived from plants or animals
pandanus - fiber from leaves of the pandanus tree; used for woven articles (such as mats)
New Zealand cotton - a fiber from the bast of New Zealand ribbon trees that resembles cotton fiber
bowstring hemp - strong fiber that resembles hemp; obtained from sansevieria and used for e.g. cordage
bast, bast fiber - strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
animal fiber, animal fibre - fiber derived from animals
plant fiber, plant fibre - fiber derived from plants
staple fiber, staple fibre, staple - a natural fiber (raw cotton, wool, hemp, flax) that can be twisted to form yarn; "staple fibers vary widely in length"
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Organic cotton, a natural fibre that has recently gained popularity among big brands, uses a lot of water for production, which is a drawback for the material.
Lot 3 Sleeping Mats, Natural fibre, 360cm x 180cm,Lot 3 Sleeping Mats, Natural fibre, 180cm x 90cm
The mechanical properties of natural fibre composites are much lower than those of the synthetic fibre composites.
Mechanical properties of natural fibre reinforced polyester composites: Jowar, sisal and bamboo.
He stated that the global concern for environment and increasing consumer preference for bio-degradable natural fibre products have opened a window of opportunity for enhanced use of jute.
As a part of its efforts to help the small scale entrepreneurs' rise above poverty levels, Tanzania has launched a two-year natural fibre development project, promoting use of natural fibres.
The research aims to determine the main mechanical properties of new materials necessary to simulate the behaviour of structures made of these natural fibre reinforced materials.
Two years ago it got the incorporation of natural fibres into plastics into a commercially acceptable form; last year it made around 500 tonnes of natural fibre-reinforced plastics; and this year it has brought its products to Britain through compounder and distributor 4Plas of Hinckley.
THE wonder of woolies hit the Sheepwalk at the Welsh wool and natural fibre festival Wonderwool Wales at the Royal Welsh Showground.
is a natural fibre composite company spun off from research at the University of Toronto (U of T).
Unlike yellow rolls of fibreglass insulation, the natural fibre product is recyclable, renewable, skin friendly and allows the building to ``breathe''.