natural killer cell

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natural killer cell

A large granular lymphocyte that kills virus-infected, cancerous, or abnormal cells without first having been exposed to specific antigens and that also produces a variety of cytokines. Also called NK cell.
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nat′ural kill′er cell`

a small killer cell that destroys virus-infected cells or tumor cells without activation by an immune system cell or antibody. Compare killer T cell.
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This natural killer cell interacts with the CD94/ NKG2A receptor, part of a system believed to have been in place in humans for more than 90 million years.
When elderly subjects took 100 mg of Cistanche extract daily for 12 weeks, there was a 6.1% increase in helper T cells and an almost 12% increase in natural killer cell activity.
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Doctors were struggling to give her a cause before she heard about a problem some women have with "natural killer cells".
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