natural language processing

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Noun1.natural language processing - the branch of information science that deals with natural language information
informatics, information processing, information science, IP - the sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information
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Doctors notes often contain some of the most important information about a patient s condition and treatment plan, and natural language processing technology will automate much of the work to incorporate that information into medical records.
NLP hub is an aggregator of news about Natural Language Processing and other related topics, such as Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Linguistics or Machine Learning.
Mutilingual Natural Language Processing Applications: From Theory to Practice is the first single-source guide to building accurate multilingual NLP systems, and is edited by two leading experts who offer discussions and real-world solutions to blending problems.
The efforts to achieve what is being called natural language processing in computer science have focused on applications of artificial intelligence.
A number of IE systems, particularly in the areas of news/fact retrieval and in domain-specific areas, such as in chemical and patent information retrieval, have been developed in the recent past using the template mining approach that involves a natural language processing (NLP) technique to extract data directly from text if either the data and/or text surrounding the data form recognizable patterns.
Communicating with computers using natural language processing.
The text analytics technology is based on advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies.
In the Natural Language Processing (NLP) market for healthcare and life sciences industry, the solution vendors such as 3M, IBM Corp, Microsoft Corp.
Language Weaver continues to innovate and pioneer new translation technologies, which return greater accuracy, more natural language processing, and high value business applications, improving business and cultural relations while saving time and money.
com offers " Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market[IVR, OCR, Pattern Recognition, Auto Coding, Text Analytics, Speech Analytics, Machine Translation, Information Extraction, Question Answer, Report Generation] - Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis (2013 - 2018)" research report in its store.

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