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Noun1.natural phenomenon - all phenomena that are not artificialnatural phenomenon - all phenomena that are not artificial
phenomenon - any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning
chemical phenomenon - any natural phenomenon involving chemistry (as changes to atoms or molecules)
geological phenomenon - a natural phenomenon involving the structure or composition of the earth
organic phenomenon - (biology) a natural phenomenon involving living plants and animals
physical phenomenon - a natural phenomenon involving the physical properties of matter and energy
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"Why, because with electricity," Levin interrupted again, "every time you rub tar against wool, a recognized phenomenon is manifested, but in this case it does not happen every time, and so it follows it is not a natural phenomenon."
This superstition may also have arisen, in part, from a natural phenomenon of a singular nature.
The immense accretion of flesh which had descended on her in middle life like a flood of lava on a doomed city had changed her from a plump active little woman with a neatly-turned foot and ankle into something as vast and august as a natural phenomenon. She had accepted this submergence as philosophically as all her other trials, and now, in extreme old age, was rewarded by presenting to her mirror an almost unwrinkled expanse of firm pink and white flesh, in the centre of which the traces of a small face survived as if awaiting excavation.
Reaching the table-land at last, we found crowds of men roused from their sleep, shivering with fear and huddled up together in the utmost consternation at the natural phenomenon which they were witnessing.
"Is there any natural phenomenon more bewildering to the scientific inquirer?
But all of them, grown people and children, had a kind of familiarity with the Great Stone Face, although some possessed the gift of distinguishing this grand natural phenomenon more perfectly than many of their neighbors.
He also required the officials concerned to undertake measures to mitigate the impact of the natural phenomenon," presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a statement Monday.
While the decreasing oxygen level is considered a natural phenomenon that usually occurs this time of the year, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has advised cage operators to immediately move the cages from the affected areas.
According to the Kinmen County Fisheries Research Institute, this natural phenomenon was first observed a long time ago, but has only became a popular tourist attraction since the county opened up its coastline to tourists in recent years.
'According to the figures, the death toll caused by lightning this year, as of Monday, decreased fourfold compared to the same period last year when 12 lives were claimed by the natural phenomenon,' Vy said.
He said that the natural phenomenon cannot be averted but utilization of latest technology helps in averting causalities and further loss.
He told that the natural phenomenon can't be averted but utilization of latest technology helps in averting causalities and further loss.