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Noun1.natural shape - a shape created by natural forcesnatural shape - a shape created by natural forces; not man-made
shape, form - the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance; "geometry is the mathematical science of shape"
leaf form, leaf shape - any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume
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The pollard willows, tortured out of their natural shape by incessant choppings, became spiny-haired monsters as they stood up against it.
Then she resumed her natural shape, and he found that the bird was no other than the Queen Constance, whom he had long believed to be dead.
He had such a neckcloth on (puffing his very eyes out of their natural shape), and his chin and even his ears so sunk into it, that it seemed as though be must inevitably double up if it were cast loose.
The committee will supervise and ensure the cleanliness of the city in general and has been tasked particularly to restore the streams and nullahs flowing in the city into their natural shape. In this context, committee has been directed to take strict action against the elements who through garbage and other wastes in the streams and nullahs of the city.
What can we do to help make her happier with her natural shape and stop her wanting surgery?
Turn up the heat with the lace back thong along with the unlined bra which does a fabulous job in highlighting your natural shape.
Those who got a chance to preview the nova 3e phone were blown away by features that enable users to make the subject's face look slimmer without distorting the natural shape. The most thrilling to all was the phone's ability to reconstruct a subject's facial contours and intelligently recognizing and adjusting the lighting and shadow knows as the (T-zone), cheekbones and nose areas for flattering and well-lit portraits.
He said that prime responsibility is to restore the natural shape of Islamabad for which all legal formalities would be used.
A pioneering NHS team combined traditional bone grafts 3D printed titanium implants to give a natural shape.
Bariatric surgery and the weight loss that follows it can significantly allow the heart to return to its natural shape and function in people who were once overweight.
First introduced in 2014, the bra offers fantastic support and lift while enhancing your natural shape and creating a seamless silhouette.