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Adj.1.naturalised - planted so as to give an effect of wild growth; "drifts of naturalized daffodils"
planted - set in the soil for growth
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A citizen of Philadelphia, William Stangerson had been obliged to become naturalised in obedience to family exigencies at the time of his marriage with a French lady, she who was to be the mother of the illustrious Stangerson.
Schulenberg became a naturalised citizen on the spot.
This creed was never taught, for instance, by the venerable pastor, John Wilson, whose beard, white as a snow-drift, was seen over Governor Bellingham's shoulders, while its wearer suggested that pears and peaches might yet be naturalised in the New England climate, and that purple grapes might possibly be compelled to flourish against the sunny garden-wall.
Under the provisions of the Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, nationality may be revoked from any naturalised individual if it is obtained through false statements, cheating, false witnesses, error or forgery of documents submitted for the acquisition of Saudi nationality.
MANAMA: Qatar has reportedly naturalised thousands of Bahraini Sunnis over 12 years as part of its subversive policies.
A law allowing the government more powers to strip naturalised Bahrainis of their nationalities has officially taken effect.
Summary: Theresa May wants to strip naturalised terror suspects of their British citizenship in last-minute amendment to immigration bill expected to face strong opposition in parliamentary debates.
Flanagan's presentation of Buddhism naturalised proceeds largely in two parts.
THESE pint-sized bulbs herald the start of spring, providing cheery early colour to borders, patio pots and naturalised in grass.
It looks amazing naturalised under trees in poor, free-draining soil.
GET DIGGING: It's not too late to plant springflowering bulbs which will add colour to your garden in a few months time ADDING COLOUR: Crocusses growing against a wall covered in moss, above, and others growing on a lawn, below LITTLE BEAUTIES: Snowdrops are well suited to be naturalised in grass