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Having a nature or temperament of a specified kind. Often used in combination: mean-natured; sweet-natured.
References in classic literature ?
Such endurance is to be expected in savages and prize-fighters, for they are born and educated to it; but to find it in such perfection in these gently bred and kindly natured young fellows is matter for surprise.
I do not think he is conceited either, in general," said Harriet, her conscience opposing such censure; "at least, he is very good natured, and I shall always feel much obliged to him, and have a great regard for but that is quite a different thing fromand you know, though he may like me, it does not follow that I shouldand certainly I must confess that since my visiting here I have seen peopleand if one comes to compare them, person and manners, there is no comparison at all, one is so very handsome and agreeable.
Sometimes, when the leopards seemed better natured, Ralph even encouraged the two dogs to lie down.
Among the things he wrote was a play called The Good Natured Man.
March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- gDiapers, the company redefining disposable diapers, released today the Good Natured gPants in advance of Earth Day - the latest in the company's covetable selection of limited edition diaper covers.
This is not the case for electronic three-piece The Good Natured.
The number of fraudulent emails asking for money on behalf of charities is on the rise, the Saudi government has warned, with con-men keen to prey on the religious ideals and good natured recipients.
Ethically minded shoppers will soon be able to buy 'pesticide residue-free' bananas in addition to organic and Fairtrade options - as fresh produce brand Good Natured expands into bananas.
Around 350 demonstrators, mostly aged under 30 and good natured, were aiming to raise awareness of their call to legalise registered distribution to adults of cannabis.
Good Natured Fruit (GNF), a range of strawberries and raspberries grown by innovative Scottish growers Angus Soft Fruits without the use of pesticides, has won both the "Supreme Award" and the "Retail - Fruit or Vegetable Category Award" at the 2008 Scotland Food & Drink Awards in Edinburgh.
A MAN accused of murdering his partner and her daughter was a good natured and honest worker, a court heard.
IT SEEMS some good natured rivalry surrounding the Black Country derby has now extended to the clubs respective managers.