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Having a nature or temperament of a specified kind. Often used in combination: mean-natured; sweet-natured.
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Sedley's jokes, Rebecca laughed at them with a cordiality and perseverance which not a little pleased and softened that good- natured gentleman.
He said that gang was wanted by police in 29 cases of robbery, dacoity, kidnapping and other heinous natured crime.
However, Corrington's goal is constructive; after being introduced, each idea is swiftly assimilated and correlated with nature naturing and nature natured.
The company has received the purchase order for Solegear's good natured brand of plant-based office organisation products.
ARSENAL have held high-level "good natured" talks with Liverpool after the Luis Suarez transfer saga.
Thankfully three good natured motorists - two men and one woman - teamed up to pick up the heavy tree and move it to a safe spot on the side of the road so cars could get past.
This is not the case for electronic three-piece The Good Natured.
The number of fraudulent emails asking for money on behalf of charities is on the rise, the Saudi government has warned, with con-men keen to prey on the religious ideals and good natured recipients.
HE good natured protests outside Starbucks outlets Tin the North East have a serious purpose.
Hatton, 30, confirmed it was all good natured, saying: "It was just a bit of Christmas cheer, really.