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Having a nature or temperament of a specified kind. Often used in combination: mean-natured; sweet-natured.
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Sedley's jokes, Rebecca laughed at them with a cordiality and perseverance which not a little pleased and softened that good- natured gentleman.
The published result of nature naturing is nature natured or "the innumerable orders of the World.
The company has received the purchase order for Solegear's good natured brand of plant-based office organisation products.
This is not the case for electronic three-piece The Good Natured.
The number of fraudulent emails asking for money on behalf of charities is on the rise, the Saudi government has warned, with con-men keen to prey on the religious ideals and good natured recipients.
Ethically minded shoppers will soon be able to buy 'pesticide residue-free' bananas in addition to organic and Fairtrade options - as fresh produce brand Good Natured expands into bananas.
Good Natured Fruit (GNF), a range of strawberries and raspberries grown by innovative Scottish growers Angus Soft Fruits without the use of pesticides, has won both the "Supreme Award" and the "Retail - Fruit or Vegetable Category Award" at the 2008 Scotland Food & Drink Awards in Edinburgh.
A MAN accused of murdering his partner and her daughter was a good natured and honest worker, a court heard.
IT SEEMS some good natured rivalry surrounding the Black Country derby has now extended to the clubs respective managers.
He said: "You get banter from the local kids who shout things such as 'Asbo dealer' and 'Council police' but it's good natured.
Following the wanderings of the "overly serious" indigo animal past works of great art, about a most unusual campus, Indigo Animal and the Lawn Statuary Research Institute blends an appreciation for artistic creations, good- natured humor, and the thirst for knowledge into an engaging and original read-aloud story.
According to a study conducted by Good Natured Products, certain nutrients in popular adult energy/nutrition bars, such as Chromium and vitamins E and B12, have been found to exceed a child's recommended daily intake by as much as 900%.