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n. pl. na·tur·op·a·thies
A system of therapy that avoids drugs and surgery and relies on natural remedies, such as diet, exercise, and massage, to treat and prevent illness.

na′tur·o·path′ (nā′chər-ə-păth′, nə-cho͝or′-) n.
na′tur·o·path′ic (nā′chər-ə-păth′ĭk, nə-cho͝or′-) adj.
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Noun1.naturopath - a therapist who practices naturopathy
healer, therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy
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[ˈneɪtʃərəˌpæθ] Nnaturópata mf
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n. naturópata, persona que practica la naturopatía.
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n naturista mf, naturópata mf
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Fermentation by Swedish nutritionist, naturopath and nurse Asa Simonsson shows why fermented foods are so good for you.
Lisa Pryor | NYT SYNDICATE MAYBE one day, once I have decades of experience as a doctor and further training in my area of specialisation, I will be able to speak about health matters with the tone of authority of the average naturopath. That was the thought that crossed my mind recently while I waded through the online world of alternative-health practitioners, wellness bloggers, whole-food chefs and Gwyneth Paltrow.
When a gynecologic oncologist from Massachusetts General called me last year to tell me that one of her young patients with advanced cervical cancer was told by her "naturopath" he could cure her cancer with "herbs and naturopathy," we were both horrified.
The Complete Gut Health Cookbook blends the expertise of a naturopath and nutritionist with an award-winning chef, health coach and TV personality to provide over a hundred recipes for "gut health" and a four-week meal plan for incorporating them into one's diet, and is recommended for not only cookbook collections, but especially for health collections.
Celebrity Link: Bra tycoon Michelle Mone, left, established Trim Secrets with a naturopath. Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes reportedly followed it.
Bongiorno, a naturopath and acupuncturist who works with mental health clients, recommends complementary and alternative medicine remedies for anxiety and depression and ways to combine them with conventional care.
As a self-employed naturopath, income depends on the hours you work and the number of clients you see.
As a traditional naturopath, I do not consider myself to be competing with true physicians (MD's and DO's), Most of our population incorrectly believe that these professionals have the knowledge to help them get well and retain their health.
For a young naturopath, the diagnosis of leukemia was one that she never imagined she would love back.
While various naturopathic organizations have differing perspectives on the scope of the naturopath's practice and different practitioners take different approaches to diagnosis and treatment, traditional naturopaths adhere to certain basic principles:
The naturopath told the family their daughter should also attend her dermatology appointments and between all of them, hopefully, the girl's eczema would improve.