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adj. naugh·ti·er, naugh·ti·est
1. Behaving disobediently or mischievously: a naughty child.
2. Indecent; improper: a naughty wink.
n. pl. naugh·ties
One that is naughty.

[Middle English noughti, wicked, from nought, nothing, evil, from Old English nāwiht, nothing; see naught.]

naugh′ti·ly adv.
naugh′ti·ness n.
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Adv.1.naughtily - in a disobedient or naughty waynaughtily - in a disobedient or naughty way; "he behaved badly in school"; "he mischievously looked for a chance to embarrass his sister"; "behaved naughtily when they had guests and was sent to his room"
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بِصورَةٍ شِرّيرَه
dónalega; óòekktarlega


[ˈnɔːtɪlɪ] ADV
1. (of child) → traviesamente; [behave] → mal
2. (of adult) [say] → con picardía
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advfrech, dreist; (esp of child) say, remarkungezogen, frech; behaveunartig, ungezogen; I very naughtily opened your letterich war so frech und habe deinen Brief aufgemacht; but he very naughtily did it all the sameaber frecherweise hat er es trotzdem getan
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[ˈnɔːtɪlɪ] adv (behave) → male, con cattiveria; (say) → maliziosamente
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(ˈnoːti) adjective
(usually of children) badly-behaved. a naughty boy; It is naughty to kick other children.
naughtily adverb
ˈnaughtiness noun
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References in classic literature ?
Her knapsack was already packed, and its contents included a serge skirt "in case of emergencies." Already, she naughtily reminded me, we possessed a petticoat between us.
But I cannot believe that any school-boy would behave so naughtily."
"And where have you got this gold?" I asked him, in a low voice so promising that he instantly lowered his, and his eyes twinkled naughtily into mine.
Maimie stamped her foot naughtily, and was putting her fingers to her eyes, when she heard a kind voice say, "Don't cry, pretty human, don't cry," and then she turned round and saw a beautiful little naked boy regarding her wistfully.
We had the Turkish doughnuts - aka lokma (PS4.95) - wow, the light balls of batter felt like air in the mouth and tasted naughtily delicious.
While Citeh, fresh from their euphoric win over the Reds, have what some are rather naughtily referring to as a bye to the final because they're playing Nigel Clough's Burton Albion in the other Carabao Cup semi (Sky Sports Football, 7.45pm).
Ella inquired after his two Yorkshire terriers, whoadmits hav been behaving "naughtily".
The third-in-line to the throne was very cheeky throughout the ceremony and was even photographed giggling while covering his mouth as his cousin, Savannah Phillip, naughtily tried to distract him.
My younger sister, Nellie, for instance, can now simply laugh off how I had naughtily pulled off one prank too many at her expense in our youth.
And now it is time for me to return to listing down all of the cultural references that Haddish showed, made mention of or naughtily teased the audience into remembering.
Rehman's antic prompted Rasheed to naughtily demand for his vote to be rejected, as the former had left the house premises.
It's amazing how the branded goodies are naughtily sneaked into frame.