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 (nô′zē-āt′, -zhē-, -sē-, -shē-)
intr. & tr.v. nau·se·at·ed, nau·se·at·ing, nau·se·ates
1. To feel or cause to feel nausea. See Usage Note at nauseous.
2. To feel or cause to feel loathing or disgust. See Synonyms at disgust.

[Latin nauseāre, nauseāt-, from nausea, nausea; see nausea.]

nau′se·a′tion n.
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nauseous, nauseated - Nauseous ("sickening") is an adjective describing something that causes nausea; the adjective for the feeling ("made sick") is nauseated.
See also related terms for sick.
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Adj.1.nauseated - feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
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adj con náusea(s); to be o feel — tener náusea(s); Do you feel nauseated?..¿Tiene náusea(s)?
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References in classic literature ?
He forced himself to sit the play out, but he did not know whether he was more bored or nauseated. If that was what the theatre was coming to, then it was high time the police stepped in and closed the playhouses.
To say the least, he was a very puzzled Tarzan as he tried to compose himself once more for slumber--a very puzzled and a very nauseated Tarzan.
The next moment I was awake, in my sheeted bed, sweating, trembling, nauseated. The window was up, and a cool air was blowing through the room.
We met a few men and a great many ladies in litters; it seemed to me that most of the ladies looked pale and nauseated; their general aspect gave me the idea that they were patiently enduring a horrible suffering.
His terrifying eyes riveted themselves upon the girl's face--she could feel his hot breath upon her cheek and the odor of the fetid vapor nauseated her.
This deliverance tamed our ill-disposed Englishmen for a great while; the sight had filled them with horror, and the consequences appeared terrible to the last degree, especially upon supposing that some time or other they should fall into the hands of those creatures, who would not only kill them as enemies, but for food, as we kill our cattle; and they professed to me that the thoughts of being eaten up like beef and mutton, though it was supposed it was not to be till they were dead, had something in it so horrible that it nauseated their very stomachs, made them sick when they thought of it, and filled their minds with such unusual terror, that they were not themselves for some weeks after.
I was never so nauseated in my life with overplus of fallacy.
It was in this mental disposition, physically very empty, but still nauseated by what he had seen, that he had come upon the Professor.
For the first time Razumov became aware of a faint perfume, but faint as it was it nauseated him exceedingly.
You've been feeling nauseated for the last hour and have started to vomit, you have pain in your abdomen and you ate scampi in a restaurant two hours ago.
It clearly demonstrates that, at this hour, some Filipinos are nauseated at the thought of someone like Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa and the other candidates being endorsed by the highest leader of this country as senators.
"I'm still feeling nauseated because I have just left the theatre.