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Noun1.nautch girl - a professional dancing girl in Indianautch girl - a professional dancing girl in India
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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She instead came to Lahore and was forced to seek shelter in the Red-light area of Lahore as a Nautch girl. She also had a short-lived relationship with General Elahi Bux.
During the colonial period the dancing girls are seen as "Nautch Girl": the word "nautch" is an anglicised form of Hindi/urdu word "nach" derived from the Sanskrit word "nritya." The nautch girls play a crucial cultural interactive role between the native and the early English settlers and influence upper class women who try to imitate them.
This phenomenon was best highlighted by the Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg where a cop (Khan) is seen gyratings to the moves of a nautch girl (Malaika Arora Khan) in a police station in UP.
"Rajjo is a story of a Nautch girl who wants to be a dancer and she finally becomes a very big classical dancer.
CTRESS Kangna Ranaut has been signed on to play a mujra dancer (nautch girl) in director Vishwas Patil's ambitious film Rajjo.
When Schofield recalls the incident, she apologises about the grossly appropriative and Orientalist nature of the nautch tableau that Plowden, the wannabe white nautch girl, tried to put up.
INTRIGUINGLY, the nautch girl of the feudal past was the recurring theme as far as showstoppers went on Sunday.
This time around, he will tackle a biopic set in medieval times on Begum Joanna Nobilis Sombre (1753-1836), popularly known as Begum Samru, who started off as a nautch girl (court dancer) in 18th century India, eventually becoming the ruler of Sardhana, a principality near Meerut.
The second part which is Nautch is inspired from the nautch girl, which was the culture of very young pretty girls performing dance styles dressed up in Indian wear," said Balhara.
The female figure in the picture is that of a tree spirit whom the poet, prior to visiting India and encountering the reality of her 'smile of ageless stone,' had ignorantly associated with the well-known erotic sculptures of Konarak and Kajuraho, and (knowledgeable in the area of Orientalist literature) even taken to be the portrait of a maharajah's favourite nautch girl. The word nautch originating in the Sanskrit word natya, meaning 'the art of dance,' and associated with temple dancers who were also courtesans has, of course, long been a focus of erotic fantasy for Europeans, and is often referred to in the European writing that grew out of the West's encounters with India from the 18th century on.
The dated feel and a jaded script is hardly salvaged by the stunning visuals that the script unleashes or the raunchy gyrations that Kangna gets to do thanks to her role of a nautch girl.
She will also be seen in Mishra's next, Nawab , The Nautch Girl And The John Company , with Saif Ali Khan and Irrfan.