naval architecture

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naval architecture

(Nautical Terms) the designing of ships
naval architect n

na′val ar′chitecture

the science of designing ships and other waterborne craft.
na′val ar′chitect, n.
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DLBA), a Chesapeake, VA-based firm renowned for its naval architecture and marine engineering services for commercial and government clients world-wide.
Tenders are invited for Naval Architecture And Related Engineering Services 15 (A/B).
Numerical integration in naval architecture and hydrostatic curves are presented next.
In 1909, Mr Elder contributed PS12,500 - subsequently increased to PS20,000 - for the establishment of a Chair of Naval Architecture in the University of Liverpool.
For the second consecutive year, in association with Mast, an association of naval architects, the Mastech naval architecture and shipbuilding conference is being held alongside Gulf Maritime on Monday and Tuesday.
As in the past show, a Mastech naval architecture and shipbuilding conference will be held alongside Gulf Maritime 2013.
They also had the opportunity to find out about relevant career opportunities and training routes in Naval Architecture.
Design Alaska, a Fairbanks-based architecture, engineering, and surveying firm, and Art Anderson Associates, its naval architecture sub-consultant, were recently awarded a contract for the Alaska Marine Highway System to investigate potential energy efficiency improvements.
Each student will attend eight 90-minute workshops, covering subjects such as information technology, naval architecture, mechanical engineering, oceanography, mathematics, history and meteorology.
The requirement for entry is a relevant bachelor's degree in engineering, naval architecture or an acceptable science degree with ample professional experience in the shipping industry.
Also honoured were Newcastle University naval architecture graduates, Richard Sadler and Choo Chiau Beng.
It is now used as a standard textboook for naval architecture students.

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