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Noun1.naval battle - a pitched battle between naval fleetsnaval battle - a pitched battle between naval fleets
battle, engagement, fight, conflict - a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war; "Grant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga"; "he lost his romantic ideas about war when he got into a real engagement"
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So it came about that he was probably the last person on board to hear the news that wireless telegraphy was bringing to the airship in throbs and fragments of a great naval battle in progress in mid-Atlantic.
Either there was no news of the naval battle that morning, or the Prince kept to himself whatever came until past midday.
In the night the struggling naval battle and retreat had entered upon a new phase.
Thirteen and a half thousand haads away lay Ptarth--a stiff thirty-hour journey for the swiftest of fliers, and between Dusar and Ptarth might lie half the navy of Dusar, for in this direction was the reported seat of the great naval battle that even now might be in progress.
After supper and punch we had an hour's soothing smoke while we fought the naval battle over again and voted the resolutions; then we retired to exceedingly neat and pretty chambers upstairs that had clean, comfortable beds in them with heirloom pillowcases most elaborately and tastefully embroidered by hand.
His description of the great naval battle, from the unique viewpoint of a prisoner onboard the most famous Spanish warship, is an emotional rendering of how the concept of honor can transform a hopeless cause into a noble gesture of humanity.
At which naval battle in the Napoleonic wars was Nelson killed the hour of victory?
The Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was established by Pope Pius V in 1571 in commemoration of the naval Battle of Lepanto.
The military drill included training on planning and managing joint combat activities for all elements of a naval battle, an exercise that showed the mutual understanding and coordination among the naval forces of the participating countries.
Vietnam and China most recently fought over the Spratly islands in 1988, when a naval battle at Johnson Reef left 64 Vietnamese sailors dead and the reef in Chinese hands.
The wreck of the USS Lexington, an American warship sunk in a Pacific naval battle during the World War II, has been found by a team working for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

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