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Noun1.naval engineering - the branch of engineering that deals with the design and construction and operation of ships
applied science, engineering science, technology, engineering - the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems; "he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study"
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Venator 1As a global leader in maritime and naval engineering consultancy, BMT has spent over 30 years supporting both Australian Industry in Sustainment Services to CASG and the Royal Australian Navy, while providing independent and critical support to GM Ships and Submarines.
Strategic conferences to push discussions on key global agendas to the next level IMDEX Asia 2017 will host two strategic high-level conferences, namely the International Maritime Security Conference (IMSC 2017) and International Naval Engineering Conference @ IMDEX Asia (INEC@IMDEX Asia 2017), where leading experts and academia from around the world will discuss issues related to maritime security and present the latest technologies on naval platform design and developments.
In April 2014 DCNS incorporated a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary which is intended to develop naval engineering and industrial partnerships in the country.
Morning session of Day 3 hosted presentations from Naval Engineering College, NED University, Indus University and QUEST Larkana.
Unsurprisingly, the book is highly detailed and a feast mainly for naval engineering and gunnery enthusiasts.
He holds a MS in Naval Engineering and worked for the Italian Navy, P&G, Bolton, Coesia and most recently Rockwell Automation, managing its Middle East sales.
On completion of basic training, the Admiral obtained BE (Mechanical) degree from Pakistan Naval Engineering College and subsequently qualified Marine Engineering Application Course from Royal Navy Engineering College United Kingdom.
Supply of special purpose mechanical instruments for the Offshore Hydromechanics Laboratory serving the Faculty's Naval Engineering & Vessels Building Division.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Naval Engineering College (PNEC) and National University of Engineering and Technology (NUST) clinched the Communications trophy for the country, with a prize money of US$2000, at the Shell Eco Marathon 2014.
British sailor Neal McDonald spent one year in Plymouth at the Royal Naval Engineering College, but his local knowledge has paid only limited dividends in such a 'tricky' contest, he said.
Chief Naval Engineering Officer, Rear Admiral Simon Lister, a member of the IMechE, said: "Events such as this provide the perfect opportunity for engineers to understand properly the benefits of professional registration.
Navy, MacKenzie was a plant manager and provided instruction and developed curriculum on Naval Engineering plants and systems for engineering officers.

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