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Noun1.naval equipment - equipment for a navynaval equipment - equipment for a navy      
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
naval radar - naval equipment consisting of a shipboard radar
shipboard system - a system designed to work as a coherent entity on board a naval ship
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pervaded crowds gathering streets the The Chronicle of August 4 reported how two alleged German spies were arrested in the city, one being apprehended "in the neighbourhood of certain naval equipment yards".
BEL's export order book on July 1 stood at Rs 51,715 crore with major supplies comprising upgrading of communication equipment, integrated air command and control systems, naval equipment, smart city business, radars and real-time information systems.
Regarding the naval forces, Egypt has occupied an advanced place compared to Israel and Turkey, as it owns 319 naval equipment that put it as the 6 th most powerful navy in the world, while Turkey occupied the 12 th with 194 navy equipment.
Moreover, in addition to the traditional supply of naval equipment, the Corporation's package of export proposals includes ample opportunities for science and technology cooperation with leading design organizations, services and technical assistance in construction at the customer's shipyards.
The Philippine Navy will sign an agreement with its Russian counterpart on training and education exchanges and for the possible acquisition or grant of Russian naval equipment. Vice Adm.
Two Bulgarian military patrol ships attracted the attention of the experts during the largest exhibition of naval equipment and technologies Euronaval 2018, which is taking place in Paris.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced that the country will hold two massive wargames in the second half of the current Iranian year (started on March 21), adding that new home-made naval equipment will also be unveiled soon.
It has complete naval equipment research and development, equipment support, and after-sales support capabilities.
"The market of the naval equipment and armaments in the Middle East has a steady trend of growing.
The Russian side expressed interest in developing cooperation in the field of civil aviation, building, processing and naval equipment for Iraq for civilian use.
The latest attempt to clamp down on Iran's military financing ranged from an Iranian-based company that aided the country's drone programme to a Turkey-based provider of naval equipment and a Chinese network that helped secure electronics for Tehran.

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