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Noun1.naval radar - naval equipment consisting of a shipboard radar
air search radar - a shipboard radar that searches for aircraft
fire control radar - naval radar that controls the delivery of fire on a military target
naval equipment - equipment for a navy
surface search radar - a naval radar to search for surface targets
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In the Sea domain, Hensoldt features the TRS-4D naval radar system, which is at present being installed on the new German Navy frigates and the US Navy Littoral Combat Ship, multi-sensor optronic masts for submarines and theopto-electronic laser detection system COLDS NG, said the statement.
In recent months, Raytheon has signed on to do quite a bit of business with Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense, including contracts for Sidewinder missile upgrades, Patriot missile systems development, and a naval radar refurbishment package.
Saab's Sea Giraffe AMB naval radar will be used for the Royal Canadian Navy's Joint Support Ships.
The ESC will alert the SASs of naval radar operations, so the connected SAS systems can reconfigure spectrum allocations for nearby CBRS devices to operate without interfering with naval activity.
The Navy in 2017 awarded Raytheon a $327 million fixed-price incentive contract modification option to produce the first three low-rate initial production AMDR units, said Scott Spence, company director of naval radar systems in an email.
These are passive covert radar, naval radar, the electronic surveillance radar "Manar," noise radar, the Rasid (monitor) radar, the mortar guidance system, and the mine detection radar, which is still being developed.
The first nine shells hit directly on the Indian Naval Radar station destroying most of the infrastructure, killing 13 sailors and two officers.
The report added that the first nine shells hit directly on the Indian Naval Radar station destroying most of the infrastructure, killing 13 sailors and two officers.
X-band (8.5-10.68GHz) meanwhile is also popular choice in the naval radar domain.
The CAFRAD radar will be similar to the ALPHA multi-mission M-2258 advanced lightweight phased array naval radar developed by Israel's IAI and Elta for blue water and littoral warfare support.
Blacksburg, VA, August 05, 2013 --( A consortium of companies, federal agencies, and academia announced today the formation of a group to demonstrate spectrum sharing technologies and planned experiments at Wallops Island, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to show 4G cellular systems co-existing with naval radar. Currently, many parts of the radio frequency spectrum are assigned exclusively to either Federal Government or commercial applications.
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