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Noun1.naval unit - a military unit that is part of a navy
naval forces, navy - an organization of military vessels belonging to a country and available for sea warfare
military force, military group, military unit, force - a unit that is part of some military service; "he sent Caesar a force of six thousand men"
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
naval division, division - a group of ships of similar type
squadron - a naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task
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Built on land near the BBC studios, the site will also include shared accommodation facilities for three naval units - the RNR Unit HMS Cambria, the Royal Marine Reserves Cardiff Detachment, and the Wales University Royal Navy Unit.
A source told the news agency that senior naval staff had confirmed plans to assign personnel for a naval unit set to service the missile complexes in the Kaliningrad exclave that borders EU members Poland and Lithuania.
The force includes 12,410 peacekeepers from 29 countries, 750 of whom are in the naval unit." Tenenti assured that in the event UNIFIL undergoes some changes, the naval unit will always comprise 750 forces.
Avital Leibovich said a naval unit on a routine patrol identified a cargo ship flying an Antigua flag about 160 kilometers west of Israel's coast and intercepted it without incident.
Borghese, a member of the Italian aristocracy and head of the Decima MAS special naval unit in World War II, first wrote and published this account of his exploits back in 1950, and this new version features a foreword from editor Coletta, a retired Distinguished Meritorious Professor from the US Naval Academy.
The actual circumstances of the sinking were never fully clarified, but given Australia's draconian refugee policies, people do seem to have become, as Schmidt has put it, "hostages between political and bureaucratic systems." He draws a parallel between this event and a much older tragedy: On July 2, 1816, the Medusa, flagship of a French naval unit, ran aground in the vicinity of Cap Blanc with some four hundred passengers comprising both soldiers and settlers.
Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Rajab 18, 1438, Apr 15, 2017, SPA -- A Jordanian naval unit, scheduled to take part in the joint Saudi Jordanian naval maneuvers in Jubail this week, arrived in the Saudi north eastern port.
LAUREN Medwell said: "On June 7, seven Officer Cadets from Northumbria University Royal Naval Unit set off from Tower Bridge to attempt the huge challenge of walking 400km from London to Paris within five days.
The first debate examines the role of the country's three Military Service Units for undergraduates - the University of Wales Royal Naval Unit, the Wales University Officer Training Corps and the University of Wales Air Squadron.
TOP RATINGS: Crack Naval unit boards the LE Eithne; FULL THROTTLE: Speed boat with boarding team; QUICK RESPONSE: Naval Service personnel put on a display at yesterday's launch Pictures: COLLINS; At least they didn't give Willie a pistol this time..
Griggs is on a four-day trip involving visits to a local naval unit and the Navy Operational Command in Busan.
University students who make up a Royal Naval unit pledged to help Ty Hafan - and came up trumps.

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