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1. Sufficiently deep or wide to provide passage for vessels: navigable waters; a navigable river.
2. Capable of being steered. Used of boats, ships, or aircraft.

nav′i·ga·bil′i·ty, nav′i·ga·ble·ness n.
nav′i·ga·bly adv.
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Noun1.navigability - the quality of being suitable for the passage of a ship or aircraft
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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143) In this case, the conduct rules of navigability include general maritime law, navigation license requirements, and permitting requirements for hydroelectric power and dredging.
In this category judges will be seeking examples of best practice and will look for excellence of website design, in terms of visual appearance, navigability and interactivity.
The quantity of sediment is around one billion cubic metres, which is one of the main reasons the country's rivers are losing their navigability," it reported.
It's not even the Picnic's military planning and organization, the thought they so obviously put into the likes of the layout, supremely easy navigability of the site, the host of amazing concessions, year-round feedback with festival-goers, the eco-friendly and charity supporting initiatives they implement or the ludicrous attention paid to the smallest of details.
org) launched a beta version website to enable smart grid stakeholders as well as the general public to access the site and comment on its user friendliness, navigability and content.
The ship, BNS Anushandhan, will be of considerable help to maintain the marine environment and navigability of the rivers, delimitate the maritime boundary and preserve the coastal area by collecting the necessary information and statistical data, and will also play a significant role in research activities and extraction of marine resources," a Defence Ministry statement said here today.
One party filed a lawsuit, and in July 2009, the courts found that the Forest Service didn't include enough analysis of navigability and overturned part of our decision to regulate motors on the lake.
This category sets out to recognise excellence of website design, in terms of visual performance, navigability and interactivity.
The Qtel Portal was named as the Best e-Business website in the Arab World, with the judges praising the site for the range of resources made available through the site, as well as its easy navigability and clear architecture.
The redesigned department features a new layout for easier navigability and greater use of high-impact visuals.
Part II of the report, detailed here, estimates the specific costs of (1) addressing each 508 standard and other accessibility and navigability issues; and (2) providing training and support for alternate media personnel, faculty, and students to ensure courses are being made accessible.