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1. The theory and practice of navigating, especially the charting of a course for a ship or aircraft.
2. Travel or traffic by vessels, especially commercial shipping.

nav′i·ga′tion·al adj.
nav′i·ga′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.navigational - of or relating to navigation; "navigational aids"


Of or relating to sea navigation:


[ˌnævɪˈgeɪʃənl] ADJ [instruments, system] → de navegación
navigational aidsayudas fpl a la navegación
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Turkey is not entitled to issue a navigational telex in relation to an area that falls within the responsibility of the Republic regarding maritime safety and search and rescue operations, it added.
The work covered by these specifications consists of furnishing all labor and equipment; furnishing all hardware, wood and pipe pilings, reflective tape, piling caps, chains, shackles and anchors necessary to maintain, repair, replace, install, or remove any navigational aid, new or existing, in and on the waterways in Citrus County.
The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-1A (IRNSS-1A) will be the first of the seven satellites to be launched to create an independent navigational system similar to US' Global Positioning system (GPS).
It is worth mentioning that the Aden container port inaugurated earlier this week the French international shipping line that its navigational activity enters with the Evergreen line in the new international shipping lines to revive the international maritime traffic in the port.
This is the second navigational app for the company.
Around 200,000 British travellers have reported that they have driven in Europe without knowing how to change the language on their navigational device, the report claims to confirm.
This patent portfolio addresses the limitations of mapping and navigation products in the market and discloses a novel, columnar layout for navigational aids and maps.
But neither method can account for the extraordinary navigational ability of humpback whales, said the scientists.
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) yesterday informed pilots that the VOR, a navigational device that helps pilots approach the runway during landing and take-off, had been installed but was not functional.
SpectraTime awarded 4 Me1/4 contract to supply Rubidium Spaceclocks to the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System
It ultimately boils down to a lack of navigational skills.

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