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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: base - base of operations for a naval fleetnavy base - base of operations for a naval fleet
base, base of operations - installation from which a military force initiates operations; "the attack wiped out our forward bases"
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The sub was originally scheduled to arrive on Monday at the Mar del Plata Navy Base, about 250 miles south-east of Buenos Aires.
He also added the work on the Navy base is expected to begin soon.
Contract notice: Industrial cleaning of the ship~s hangar at the navy base in zeebrugge.
Having a strong and efficient navy is very important to Bulgaria, because it guarantees the country's military sovereignty, as well as its economic and energy interests," Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev said during his visit to the navy base near the coastal city of Bourgas today.
On October 24, a US spy plane was spotted flying off the coasts of Syria near the Russian navy base in Tartus and an airbase in Lattakia.
According to details, local fishermen informed Pakistan Navy Base at Keti Bandar about sinking of AL KABIR Howra Boat alongwith 12 member crew in the vicinity of Khobar Creek.
He told the nearby navy base on San Clemente Island that she might swim to land.
Scapa Flow, off Orkney, was used as a Royal Navy base in both world wars and is now popular with divers due to the British and German relics lying on the seabed.
A UN team of experts says it saw a secret torture centre inside a Sri Lankan navy base where many post-civil war detainees were believed to have been kept.
HE the Minister of State for Defence Affairs Major General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah and HE the Minister of Transport Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti yesterday attended a foundation stone-laying ceremonyfor a wharf, which would be part of the new Emiri Navy base, at the New Port Project site in Mesaieed.
The frigate was welcomed with a ceremony at the Aksaz navy base on the Mediterranian coast.
FIVE men have been jailed for planning terrorist attacks on high-profile targets in Bahrain including the US Navy base, as well as Safriya and Gudaibiya palaces.

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