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tr.v. nay·said (-sĕd′), nay·say·ing, nay·says (-sĕz′)
To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of: They will naysay any policy that raises taxes.

nay′say′er n.


a refusal or denial
vb (intr)
1. to speak of something in a negative manner
2. to say no
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Free for death, and free in death; a holy Naysayer, when there is no longer time for Yea: thus understandeth he about death and life.
They are known by many names: disbelievers, pessimists, cynics, sceptics, people who see the glass half empty, and my favourite term for them: Naysayers, and every organisation has them.
Naysayers claim that they weren't actually legally married, and the Kabbalah wedding was just a symbolic ceremony.
Despite jthe naysayers in certain stuffy newspapers predicting a collapse of listeners when he took over from Terry Wogan on Radio 2, he has achieved the highest-ever figures for a breakfast show.
This is where the naysayers go wrong; they form their opinions from theories, analyses and attitudes not from Canadian roots, but from sources within the self-defined great powers who have no understanding of what Canada is or what Canadians want in their foreign policy.
Noah Freedman, co-principal at Bond, said: "We embrace the naysayers.
For all the naysayers out there, mark your calendars and dust off your fishing rods next Friday, February 22, when the Arabian Sea will be set rocking when Big6 Fishing Tournament returns for its fourth instalment.
Naysayers are more likely to be white, conservative men who vote Republican, are very religious, and get their information from radio talk shows, he said.
Gates won over the naysayers with his humor and warm personal style.
com news release that the "fact that we came so close should tell naysayers that there is indeed hope that such a ban will be enacted--not today, but certainly one day soon.
They are the naysayers who sold without buying within the last two years at what they thought was the top of the market.