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tr.v. nay·said (-sĕd′), nay·say·ing, nay·says (-sĕz′)
To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of: They will naysay any policy that raises taxes.

nay′say′er n.
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Noun1.naysaying - the act of saying no to a request
denial - the act of refusing to comply (as with a request); "it resulted in a complete denial of his privileges"
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These people do not need to be experts, but they need to go beyond naysaying and be open to constructive conversation.
"I would hope that you'd be a part of the solution and not necessarily continue naysaying on it," he said.
While Otieno was in his mission of "naysaying" our Initiative, Allan Olingo of the Business Daily on the same day had an enlightening article discussing "collapsed railway, hyacinth conspire to sink Kisumu port." Rather than whine and complain about what has happened in the past, Olingo was informative and factual in his story, giving data on how maritime transport has declined over time and proposing what needs to be done to revive it.
Pakistan debilitated with issues will, inshaAllah, make its way forward, and that will happen despite the naysaying, premonitions of Armageddon and gratuitous criticism of the political opposition and a large section of media.
Consider negative attitudes, irritability, complaining, gossiping, naysaying. Now imagine confidence, enthusiasm, kindness, inspiration, teamwork.
Don't let anyone or anything--whether a naysaying friend or a microscopic parasite--determine your future.
While climate finance issues pose a huge challenge globally, the positive efforts by stakeholders and states could outstrip harms caused by Trump's policies, signalling a cautious but hopeful note that financial markets and action by many nation states "trump" Trump's high-pitched climate naysaying. (31)
Because, for all the naysaying and easy predictions of doom, Imran may be in a stronger position than is immediately apparent.
I also acknowledged that the naysaying was coming from people who could not imagine eating plant-based diet on land, let alone on a ship.
The new move to make the Bill a 'government bill', rather than a Private Members Bill, will make it impossible for one naysaying MP to block, Downing Street has announced.
apparatus of officials to operate, but Article V naysaying powers do