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Neal says that Eliot was able to speak the language intelligibly after conversing with the Indian servant a few months.
On the flagstaff gaff a boy hoisted a white flag over a red, which stood for--"Run to Neal Island for shelter."
The Jessie had gone ashore half-way between the village and Neal Island.
The tailor's tab is on the neck--'Neal, Outfitter, Vermissa, U.S.A.' I have spent an instructive afternoon in the rector's library, and have enlarged my knowledge by adding the fact that Vermissa is a flourishing little town at the head of one of the best known coal and iron valleys in the United States.
"I was watching all of this and thinking my buddies are not going to believe the size of the buck I saw today," Neal said.
LightSquared, a US wholesale-only integrated 4G-LTE wireless broadband and satellite network, announced on Monday that it has appointed Terry Neal as its senior vice president of public relations and communications.
Neal won the opening two races before an eighth-placed finish in the day's final race, won by Mat Jackson, ensured he opened up a nine-point lead at the top of the standings.
The first of two consignments - each weighing 66 tonnes and measuring more than 10 metres in length (over 32ft) by almost five metres in height and five metres in width - left Neal Brothers' premises at Bent Ley Road under police escort.
Shedden took second place in the day's third and final race, ahead of Neal's fourth-placed finish, to close the gap.
Shedden won race one, but then collided with Neal on the final corner of race two as their rivalry intensified.
Bath and Body Works, a subsidiary of Limited Brands Inc (NYSE: LTD), announced on Tuesday that Diane Neal, chief executive officer of Bath and Body Works, will remain in her role as chief executive officer through summer and then transition into an advisory role with the company.
Neal, 52, displayed real bravery to overtake the Subaru of Ashley Sutton on the outside of the first corner, writes Bradley Rice.