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But the low dissolved oxygen could be attributed to low current because of neap tide during the monitoring period, fishery officer Logen Juan and biologist Jocelyn Marcial said in their report.
In several geographical regions where the nocturnal Hs occur only in some tide periods other than the spring tide period, larval release synchrony in decapods is centered around the neap tide period (around lunar quadrature) or some later before the spring tide period (Christy 1978, Paula 1989, Queiroga et al.
Thus gravitational pull is minimized, and the resulting neap tide evinces lower high tides and higher low tides.
Twelve years ago, I failed the written portion of my British Sub Aqua Club Sports Diver exam for inadequately defining a neap tide. At the time, I was an impoverished student at the University of Leeds, so the idea of paying to re-sit the paper--when levied against the price of alcohol at the Hyde Park Social--was unthinkable.
Before neap tide before the leg of lightning whirls, the sea sent me
Overall, two surveys were conducted on neap tide, five on half tides, and one on a spring tide.
We actually had a weak high tide also known as a "neap tide" on this day and our results were outstanding.
Average and standard deviation (between brackets) of WIND (speed, m.[s.sup.-1]) and PPT (precipitation rates mm.[day.sup.-1]) for surveys held in 2006 and 2007, spring and neap tides. Month Mar./06 Aug./06 Tide Neap tide Spring tide Neap tide Spring tide [WIND.sub.SP] 1.60 (0.7) 2.25 (0.81) 1.9 (0.62) 2.41 (0.73) [WIND.sub.DIR] NW SE N-NE E-NE PPT 5.38 (7.01) 4.42 (9.88) 0.00 (0.00) 1.57 (3.52) Month Mar./07 Sep./07 Tide Neap tide Spring tide Neap tide Spring tide [WIND.sub.SP] 1.32 (0.41) 1.60 (0.91) 2.92 (1.15) 2.87 (0.78) [WIND.sub.DIR] N-NE NW E-SE SE-NE PPT 5.54 (11.9) 21.34 0.00 (0.00) 0.00 (0.00) (38.02) Table 3.
The dominant tides are microtidal, varying from a range of about 0.6 m spring tide to 0.3 neap tide at the inlet and decreasing away from the inlet (Guo et al., 1997).
As a result, its price on the books for the final went out like a neap tide. Only to come in with a rush the following day.