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Adj.1.near-blind - having greatly reduced visionnear-blind - having greatly reduced vision  
blind, unsighted - unable to see; "a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision"--Kenneth Jernigan
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A north-east animal sanctuary is appealing for help with funding the new retirement home for a near-blind horse which has spent most of its life helping others.
Near-blind pet owner Irena Slomnicka used her 90th birthday to say a big, big thank-you to a charity which helps care for her much-loved chihuahua Maja.
Yes, specifically the International Human Rights Watch and its near-blind followers in the Philippines, are claiming that making the list public will infringe the rights of people listed therein.
Whenever the deaf and the near-blind brothers are seated together at a table, Ding would say, 'Fiesta na naman sa San Roque, kakanta ang pipe, sasayaw ang pilay, manonood ang bulag, makikinig ang binge!'
The jacket the near-blind victim was wearing has been sent for DNA tests.
This pledge was described by the international journalists as being "near-blind".
Journalists defy new Egypt policy ABOUT 200 Egyptian journalists have rejected a recent policy declaration by newspaper editors pledging near-blind support to the state and banning criticism of the police, army and judiciary.
THE parents of a near-blind Scots baby are trying to raise pounds 15,000 so she can have stem cell treatment in China.
Only 48 hours earlier, Sheila Jones had bludgeoned her own grandmother to death in an attack so brutal it left the near-blind 92-year-old with a fist-sized bruise on her face, broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder, fractured rib and severe bruising to her neck.
Too many veteran sportsmen are deaf because they didn't protect their ears or are near-blind because they didn't protect their eyes.
Yunis' sense of humor, however, renders potentially poignant issues entertaining; one such episode sees a near-blind Fatima mistaking an FBI agent for her by now much-loved Scheherazade.
My Boy Jack retold the story of Rudyard Kipling's string-pulling to get his near-blind son into the Army to fight in WWI.