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the point nearest the eye at which an object is clearly focused on the retina when accommodation of the eye is at a maximum. Compare far-point.
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In two separate incidents in 1997, Tytell, the father of four with his Israeli wife, shot an Arab taxi driver in the back of the head in East Jerusalem, and then a few months later drove south to Hebron and shot a Palestinian man at near-point blank range.
Progressive lenses are said to offer the ideal solution for reducing near-point stress because the focus automatically adjusts to the viewing distance, making it easier to control the squint.
"Visual challenges with near-point tasks are signs and symptoms of presbyopia, a common vision condition in which the natural lens of the eye gradually loses flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects and to switch focus between close and far objects," says optometrist Susan Resnick, a consultant for the Vistakon division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., manufacturer of Acuvue Oasys contact lenses for presbyopia.
Even if this employee wears the best astigmatic correction possible and presbyopia is setting in, the person may possibly need a near-point correction, in addition to the astigmatic prescription.
Some people (even in their 20s) with and without astigmatism simply cannot sustain prolonged accommodation at a near-point task (accommodative insufficiency) without unusual fatigue, even if they enjoy the task.
Some people have moderate to slight near-point muscle imbalances that can trigger headache-type situations as you describe.