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tr.v. neb·u·lized, neb·u·liz·ing, neb·u·liz·es
1. To convert (a liquid) to a fine spray; atomize.
2. To treat with a medicated spray.

neb′u·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
neb′u·liz′er n.
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n. nebulización, atomización, conversión de un líquido a una nube de vapor.
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n nebulización f
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MRT5005 is designed to address the underlying cause of CF regardless of genetic mutation by delivering mRNA encoding fully functional cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein to cells in the lung through nebulization. The results, the first clinical investigation of an inhaled mRNA therapeutic, summarize the single ascending dose portion of the clinical trial in 12 patients through one-month follow up post treatment.
Treatment usually includes oxygen therapy, broad-spectrum antibiotics, supportive maintenance of hydration and nutrition, and nebulization to open the airways.
MediCard Centris-Edsa has ancillary services such as ECG, treadmill stress test, spirometry and nebulization and laboratory services including hematology, clinical microscopy and drug test.
He said medical facilities included free life saving medicines besides nebulization, bronchodilators, oxygen therapy, nursing care and specialists consultation would continue till April 16 at time when hopefully pollen count will fall in the capital.
Veoli, a medical device sector company, will make use of innovative nebulization technology in the framework of an exclusive licensing agreement in the cannabis sector as part of a spinoff of one of Sanara Ventures portfolio companies.
They can also utilize their membership when purchasing drugs and medicines for asthma including nebulization services, AGE with no mild dehydration, URTI/pneumonia with minimal or low risk and UTI.
Intermittent nebulization systems are used to keep a high relative humidity inside the acclimatization environment (GRATTAPAGLIA & MACHADO, 1990).
Meanwhile, challenges during medication administration include poor inhalation technique, duration of nebulization and understanding how to achieve optimal efficacy.
Until now, dispensaries could only sell marijuana in processed forms such as oils, creams, capsules and other topicals, and products for vaporization and nebulization.
Objective: To compare the use of 3.0% hypertonic saline versus 0.9% normal saline for nebulization in children who presented with acute bronchiolitis.
He said that the patients were being provided free consultancy, treatment and nebulization services besides provision of free medicines to the patients.