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1. Needy; indigent.
2. Compelling; urgent.

[French nécessiteux, from Old French, necessary, from necessite, necessity; see necessity.]

ne·ces′si·tous·ly adv.


(nɪˈsɛsɪtəs) or


very needy; destitute; poverty-stricken
neˈcessitously adv


(nəˈsɛs ɪ təs)

1. needy; indigent.
2. essential or unavoidable.
3. requiring immediate attention or action; urgent: necessitous demands.
ne•ces′si•tous•ly, adv.
ne•ces′si•tous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.necessitous - poor enough to need help from others
poor - having little money or few possessions; "deplored the gap between rich and poor countries"; "the proverbial poor artist living in a garret"




[nɪˈsesɪtəs] ADJ (frm) → necesitado, indigente


adj (old, form)dürftig, armselig
References in classic literature ?
How is it possible that a government half supplied and always necessitous, can fulfill the purposes of its institution, can provide for the security, advance the prosperity, or support the reputation of the commonwealth?
As for D'Artagnan, thus left alone, after having received the formal compliments of the procureur, he was lost in admiration of the wisdom of the testator, who had so judiciously bestowed his wealth upon the most necessitous and the most worthy, with a delicacy that neither nobleman nor courtier could have displayed more kindly.
They were, in fact, a necessitous family; numerous, too, almost beyond example; by no means respected in their own neighbourhood, as he had lately had particular opportunities of discovering; aiming at a style of life which their fortune could not warrant; seeking to better themselves by wealthy connections; a forward, bragging, scheming race.
It is certain that the more reduced and necessitous they were, the more pompously the skeleton emerged from its tomb; and that when there was anything particularly shabby in the wind, the skeleton always came out with the ghastliest flourish.
Festive sports highlights from 1917 included a Boxing Day "association football" game at the Vetch between Swansea Town AFC and the Royal Navy which raised funds for the Aged Poor and Necessitous Sick Fund - according to the Post the navy team would feature Aston Villa international goalkeeper Samuel Hardy and "many crack Englishmen".
After exchanging salutations, the General pleasantly said, pointing to the retreating form, 'That is one of our soldiers who is in necessitous circumstances.
In 2015-16, James was High Sheriff of County Durham and also serves as a Trustee of Lord Crewe's Charity, which was established in the 17th Century under the terms of the will of Nathaniel Lord Crewe, the Bishop of Durham, "to distribute the income from his estates in the North East of England for the benefit of necessitous clergy in the ancient Diocese of Durham".
The society's 1896 report noted: "The object of the society is to attend to the welfare of the adult blind by visiting them in their own homes, teaching them to read the raised type, or where that is not possible sending ladies to read to them, lending them books, and helping them in time of need by means of a necessitous fund.
The first lady's initiative, Let Girls Learn, is a fantastic one, and it's a necessitous one, and this film absolutely speaks to that, " he says.
165) Other cases ask whether necessitous interventions, (166) statutory provisions, (167) or judicial orders provide juristic reasons.
The programme has been created to offer financial and related relief to necessitous academic achievers from financially restrained backgrounds who would other than not afford to join Form One without financial assistance.
She was left on the doorsteps of the Benevolent Home for Necessitous Girls in Hope, Ontario, as a newborn.