neck ruff

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Noun1.neck ruff - a high tight collarneck ruff - a high tight collar      
collar, neckband - a band that fits around the neck and is usually folded over
fraise - a ruff for the neck worn in the 16th century
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The problem is that to them she probably appears to be some dry old grey person from history, like Queen Victoria or that ginger one with the neck ruff in Blackadder.
When you see that giant bull with his striped flanks and black neck ruff, it's worth all the sweat, but bring plenty of sun block and be ready for serious walking.
Ethan Hawke uses Method to get into character, and Sara Kestelman smokes a cigarette, as she is incongruously dressed in a costume and neck ruff.
I wanted to take the huge animal at the height of winter when its neck ruff was jet black, a classic characteristic of giant eland.
It would be easy to let the grandeur of the place go to your head and you could find yourself tempted to dress up in neck ruff and breeches, or then again, just sit back and soak up the atmosphere in this place where time has stood still.