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1. Anatomy
a. The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk.
b. A narrow or constricted area of a bodily structure, as of a bone, that joins its parts; a cervix.
c. The part of a tooth between the crown and root.
2. The part of a garment around or near the neck.
3. A relatively narrow elongation, projection, or connecting part: a neck of land; the neck of a flask.
4. Music The narrow part along which the strings of an instrument extend to the pegs.
5. Printing See beard.
6. Geology Solidified lava filling the vent of an extinct volcano.
7. The siphon of a bivalve mollusk, such as a clam.
8. A narrow margin: won by a neck.
v. necked, neck·ing, necks
v.intr. Informal
To kiss and caress amorously.
To strangle or decapitate (a fowl).
neck and neck
So close that the lead between competitors is virtually indeterminable.
up to (one's) neck
Deeply involved or occupied fully: I'm up to my neck in paperwork.

[Middle English nekke, from Old English hnecca.]

neck′less adj.


having no neck; appearing to have no neck
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Adj.1.neckless - lacking or apparently lacking a neck
necked - having a neck or having a neck especially as specified (often used in combination)