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Meanwhile, silphine beetles (e.g., Necrophila americana Linnaeus) consume larger carcasses for feeding and will prey on other scavengers (necrophily), but do not bury carcasses or exhibit any parental care.
Note on coprophily and necrophily in the Hemiptera Heteroptera.
Eliot's play The Family Reunion: "I tell you, it is not me you are looking at, not me you are grinning at, not me your confidential looks incriminate, but that other person, if person, you thought I was: let your necrophily feed upon that carcase ..." (Letter to Clayton Eshleman).
It did so by providing an "inner compulsion" through an "essential disorganization of human life, a pollution of the sources of spontaneity bound to reflect itself in every aspect of personality." (9) Methodism was characterized by "joylessness," "an almost Manichaean sense of guilt," "necrophily," and "perverse imagery" in its hymns.