necrotizing enteritis

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Noun1.necrotizing enteritis - enteritis characterized by bloody diarrhea and severe abdominal pain
enteritis - inflammation of the intestine (especially the small intestine); usually characterized by diarrhea
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perfringens-associated necrotizing enteritis, where no ulcers were found in postmortem examination [16].
In one case involving C sordellii, an Australian pelican (Pelicanus conspicillatus) was found dead among other waterfowl in a pond, demonstrating extensive subcutaneous, pericardial, epicardial, and endocardial hemorrhage as well as hemorrhagic necrotizing enteritis. (15) In that bird, because bacteria were not found outside the intestines, exotoxin involvement was presumed likely.
As part of a wider study of neglected and undiagnosed disease syndromes observed in Australia wildlife, we investigated the possible infectious cause of several deaths in ringtail possums that were most often associated with acute necrotizing enteritis or hepatitis.

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