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Adj.1.nectar-rich - of plants that are rich in nectar
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Added Paul: "As well as actively cultivating nectar-rich crops, we also leave nettles and thistles in difficult to work areas, such as field corners and bankings, as these attract different butterfly species and provide cover for field mice and voles.
Buy or grow a selection of nectar-rich plants for adult moths.
Our garden is full of nectar-rich plants and, thankfully, there is still a wealth of wild flowers nearby.
Encouraging them to your plot is simple - just grow as many nectar-rich plants as you can squeeze into your borders, pots and patio.
This selection of nectar-rich and colourful favourites will provide a haven.
As it began to rain, ants that had been safely scurrying over the fat, nectar-rich collars along the rim of a pitcher started slipping into the digestive lake within.
But not Eucalyptus gunnii (Cider Gum), a native of colder Tasmania and ideal for garden cultivation, producing nectar-rich flowers in summer.
The pollinators, she said, learned to recognise the scents of nectar-rich flowers and this enabled them to forage more efficiently.
Butterflies happily feast on nectar-rich plants such as sedum, fuchsia and Michaelmas daisies at the moment, and in summer they love verbena, buddleias, marigolds and lavender.
TODAY : A precious, joyful white floral, Today captures the lush, sweet scent of the nectar-rich, honey-scented blossoms of the Butterfly Bush.