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Adj.1.needle-shaped - narrow and long and pointedneedle-shaped - narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Tea growers like 67-year-old Yoshio Shoji are also jumping on the bandwagon to grow matcha leaves -- as they command a higher price than "sencha", needle-shaped leaves used to make the traditional Japanese drink.
"In much the same way that a piccolo flute makes a much different sound than a tuba (the air vibrates with different frequencies in the two cases because the shape and size of the instruments are very different), a pancake-shaped cloud vibrates in a tune that is very different than that of a needle-shaped cloud," Konstantinos Tassis, an astrophysicist at the University of Crete, says.
Gout symptoms occur when uric acid builds up, accumulates around a joint, and forms needle-shaped crystals causing pain.
dehydrating) the tissue with electric sparks applied with a blunt needle-shaped electrode.
The needle-shaped leaves of the tree, which are highly inflammable owing to their high calorific value, are the biggest reason for forest fires in the state.
In this paper, the results of complex experimental studies of polyethylene-based composites reinforced with silicate needle-shaped filler (palygorskite) are presented.
7 indicates that the central part of the weld has no fine ferrite; it remains similar through the whole welding seam and has assumed a needle-shaped form with coarse structure.
Polarized microscopy of gout demonstrates negative birefringent needle-shaped MSU crystals.
Further round the coast, at the island's most westerly point, are the famous Needles - three distinctive stacks of chalk which take their name from a fourth needle-shaped stack of chalk which collapsed in a storm in 1764.
The sight of clear, orange flecks of needle-shaped crystals filled my heart with joy and my lungs with the type of hyperventilation that can only come from the rabid emotional mixture of jubilation and relief.
KIT's new metamaterial is constructed out of "needle-shaped cones" of polymer that are arranged in a crystalline lattice.