needlepoint embroidery

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Noun1.needlepoint embroidery - embroidery consisting of allover embroidered canvas resembling tapestry
fancywork, embroidery - decorative needlework
gros point - needlepoint embroidery done with large stitches
petit point - needlepoint done with small stitches
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Here, similar European style prototypes such as needlepoint embroidery continued to be used as inspiration for Native work, and plant-in-pot designs and a wide range of other floral compositions began to feature in the vibrantly colorful beadwork produced by certain Northern Athapaskan groups, most notably in the Great Slave Lake--Mackenzie River and Interior Coastal regions.
At the big fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York, she spent her time backstage doing needlepoint embroidery and looking after other people's babies.