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Infamous by way of being extremely wicked.

[Latin nefārius, from nefās, crime, transgression : ne-, not; see ne in Indo-European roots + fās, divine law; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

ne·far′i·ous·ly adv.
ne·far′i·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.nefariously - in a nefarious manner or to a nefarious degree; "nefariously involved in a conspiracy"
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Short for malicious software, the term "malware" describes the spectrum of tools used nefariously by cybercriminals to hack computer networks including exploitation kits, computer viruses, network worms and remote access trojans.
These dark siblings of the demon can nefariously target the ordinary people of Paris.
But what's nefariously intriguing about this software is that it isn't trying to hijack your current browser, it's straight-up replacing it.
Slowly and nefariously, through a combination of internet-inspired marketing and technological innovation that led to the rise of the "fanboy.
These state-sponsored hacking groups are so nefariously clever and well-funded, what really worries me is the not so immediately obvious outcomes these cybercriminals hope to achieve.
Or, more nefariously, the state might require disclosure to dissuade too many challenges to the status quo, as some individuals might be less likely to sign a petition if they know their names will be disclosed.
Finally, and perhaps most nefariously, Jesus Jeans S.
it nefariously against organisations who have no ability to detect anomalies or
More nefariously, advanced additive manufacturing and 3-D printers could be used to design and make precise, high-sped centrifuges to separate uranium compounds for nuclear weapons, he said.
Rain Room's resonance with paradigms of security and risk was thrown into sharp relief by two events that occurred while it was on view at MOMA: the revelation of the US National Security Agency program of digital surveillance and data collection, somewhat nefariously called Prism, and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's announcement of an extensive infrastructure program to deal with the city's exposure to environmental risk and climate change.
The other obvious issue is "that lots of people have video cameras around their properties" that aren't being used nefariously, he said.
He also termed the killing of ulema in Karachi as a bid to fuel hatred and violence in Karachi among society, and a nefariously dangerous bid to incite sectarian violence.