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1. The act or process of negating.
2. A denial, contradiction, or negative statement.
3. The opposite or absence of something regarded as actual, positive, or affirmative.

ne·ga′tion·al adj.


involving negativescharacterized by negationnegative
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Less than a year later, in 1920, lines like, "borremos todos los caminos, / arruinemos todos los puentes, / desarraiguemos todos los rosales; / sea todo liso como una laguna / para trazar despues / la ciudad nueva" (88), unequivocally support the aggressive negational aesthetics of the early avant-garde.
e.g For instance several earlier studies found that negational citations are rare(Moravscisk and Murugesan, 1975; Spiegel-Rusing, 1977)
The only negational morpheme borrowed from Arabic is wala.